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Internal Evaluations

For organizations seeking to understand the effects of their programming, our Findings Reports are designed for brevity and clarity to ensure that our findings are easily remembered and integrated into organizational learning. 

External Evaluations: 

For funding agencies or their grantees seeking external assessments of funded projects, our Evaluator's Reports follow a template that we believe should be the industry standard for evaluation reports—both for methodological rigor and readability. We employ both OECD-DAC evaluation criteria in our program reviews, as well as the 'Outcome Harvesting' approach to data presentation. 

From linear regressions to in-depth interviewing, we are comfortable with a full array of both intensive (‘qualitative’) and extensive (‘quantitative’) designs and have worked with an extensive array of clients and projects in the fields of peacebuilding, education, social welfare, human and women's rights, Hi-Tech/STEM, social change and environmental programs.

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