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We often hold group workshops on specialized topics, generally at the request of nonprofit networks or funding partners. Among our more popular workshops and courses are:

  • Evaluation Made Easy: How to develop simple collection designs and procedures to get objective data on the indicators that matter the most for your organization, in a way that doesn't break the bank or exhaust your staff. 

  • Better Program/Proposal Development: Navigating logical frameworks, theories of change and developing the tools and designs by which you will plan both how to measure your program's impact and communicate your findings to your funders already at the proposal stage. 

  • Surveys from A to Z: A quick introductory course on everything organizations need to know to develop effective surveys on their own: How many questions is optimal? What is the best way to ensure response? Scaled item vs. Yes/No questions; an explanation of sample sizes; age-relevant considerations; and how to quickly and efficiently process data using simple tools, like Excel are all part of the course process.  

  • Using Qualitative Data Effectively: Many ​organizations collect robust qualitative data (whether in the form of feedback sheets, open questions on surveys, Facebook or social media comments, or other beneficiary response designs), but very few know how to actually process them correctly. This 2-hour course provides several 'grounded' techniques to assist organizations to effectively deploy the data they receive every day into organizational learning.   

  • Understanding Performance Monitoring: While many private grant-making foundations are primarily interested in impact, overseas development funders have transparency requirements that require the development of robust monitoring platforms. This short course is designed to familiarize awardees of these agencies understand their funders' mindset and develop straightforward monitoring tools that spare hours of headache.

For organizations seeking personalized guidance on any of these or related topics, we are also available to provide one-on-one consulting services. 


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